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Full Service Agentur Videoproduktion Hamburg

Full Service

Concept, camera, light, sound, motion design, livestream – film production requires many resources. As filmmakers of a new generation, we offer concept, camera, lighting, livestreaming, animation, and post-production from a single source. This makes the schedule happy but also the budget.

Videoagentur Hamburg

Award-winning performance

Excellent work is important to us – this is also proven by the multiple awards our productions have received, including the BCP and BCM Awards and the German Design Award. Not all productions have a big budget. And yet you can often create something very special with simple and creative ideas.

Inhabergeführte Film- und Videoproduktion Hamburg


We have grown carefully – as a community of videographers, music and sound enthusiasts, copywriters and motion designers, united not by a business model but by a passion for moving images. We learn every day and are always looking for new projects and challenges.

Home in Hamburg – working worldwide.

Exactly, that’s us. Designer of Europe’s largest stage with a span of over 160 meters.

But that’s not the whole story. We conceptualize, shoot, fly, animate and edit.

With the highest precision and passion.

The team

Martin Kahl

Martin Kahl

DoP / Director / Founder

Simeon Walz

Postproduction Lead

Kimberly Heims

Illustration / Animation

Florian Kröh

VfX / Livestream

Praktikum Motiondesign Hamburg

Jonah Hollwege

DoP / Drone Operator

Michel Kirchholtes

Camera / Edit

Til Windmann

Postproduction / 3D

Praktikum Videoproduktion Hamburg

Uncle Sam


Oana Poschina

Motion design

Jorge Linares

Apprentice Postproduktion

Our clients

Your contacts

Martin Kahl AUSSENBORDER Filmproduktion

Martin Kahl

Founder / Head of Production

Martin is the owner & creative head of AUSSENBORDER and contact person for all inquiries. As Creative Producer he takes care of projects, creates concepts, directs and is behind the camera.

Jobs Filmproduktion Videoproduktion Hamburg

We want you!

Freelancer / Employees / Interns

As a dedicated film agency from Hamburg, we have our hands full. That's why we are constantly looking for motivated freelancers, employees and interns to support us. Feel like it? Then apply now by email with portfolio and resume!

Motiondesign Agentur Hamburg

Simeon Walz

Motion Design / Animation

Simeon takes care of the of 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics as well as product and explainer movies. His absolute favorite: 3D animation! It also adds the finishing touches to the shot real images.