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Aurelis “IKON” Nuremberg architecture movie

By 8. October 2022August 10th, 2023Imagefilm, Motion Design

It will be one of the most outstanding buildings in Nuremberg: the “IKON” in the Kohlenhof quarter in the city center. It impresses not only as a high point with 17 floors, but also with an expressive facade and a special asymmetrical structure with a transparent arena. Individual workspaces for a wide variety of uses can be realized here on around 25,000 m² of office space.

On behalf of Aurelis, we conceived and animated a suitable architectural film that presents the building in an impressive way and gets to the heart of its special features. For the architectural video, we created aerial shots with our drone from the construction site, shot with two teams on location in Nuremberg, set up the building digitally in post-production, and digitally inserted it into the real footage. We also created several architectural visualizations for web and print ads.