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Calumet x Sony Campaign “Maximum Possibilities”

By 6. November 2022August 10th, 2023Documentation

When we had the CEO of Calumet Germany on the phone with the question, “How can we create relevant content on our channels that people are REALLY interested in?” we did a little jump in the air. After all, Calumet is a small institution in Germany, and we are also regular customers at the specialty retailer. Our answer to the management’s question: with a campaign that puts special photographers and their working methods in the spotlight!

No sooner said than done. Our creative team quickly conceived the storyboard, packaging and shooting guidelines for the new format. The result: the “Maximum Possibilities” campaign in cooperation with Sony accompanies selected photographers from various photographic fields for one day each in their search for the perfect motif. The campaign will initially start with three episodes and will be accompanied by a competition:

In the first episode we accompany Sasan Amir. The wildlife photographer and is dedicated to the protection of endangered species. He also likes to choose native species such as lynxes, foxes, kites and deer as subjects for your photos. With his pictures he wants to cause fascination for the animals among the viewers and thus promote their protection. Have fun watching!