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Commercial film production Hamburg

Digital Event Agentur Hamburg

Why commercials?

As a commercial film production Hamburg, we shoot a variety of film formats for agencies and companies. With an commercial film production you reach your target group with gripping images in the shortest possible time. Depending on the medium and channel, whether TV, P.O.S., Internet and / or social media – we prepare your advertising message optimally for the respective formats.

video production Hamburg

Increase your sales!

Commercials work! In cooperation with an agency or the company directly, it is therefore a matter of getting the optimal message to the target group in just a few seconds in order to achieve the desired goal. As an experienced advertising film production company from Hamburg, we have the latest generation of camera and lighting technology at our disposal to realize your advertising film at the highest level.

video production Hamburg

How expensive is that?

We usually calculate the costs for advertising film productions according to shooting days. This applies to personnel costs as well as equipment rental and logistics. Concept, travel and organization costs are charged separately. Likewise the subsequent post-production. Just contact us – we will be happy to make you a suitable offer!

Behind the Scenes

Examples of advertising film productions

Calumet Packaging

Sony x Calumet

Architektur Rendering Hamburg

Aurelis “IKON” Nürnberg


Veekim AG Imagefilm

miele kitchen experience

Miele “Kitchen Experience”

Imagefilm Production Hamburg

Aurelis Imagefilm

BPFYA 2020 documentary Film

BPFYA 2020

Porsche Making-Of Lego

Porsche “Lego”

Aurelis iWerk

Aurelis “i-Werk”

Creation & Storytelling

Whether it’s an emotional advertising film, a product video or an explainer movie in simple language – in which way and whether you tell a story at all depends on the format. We will be happy to advise you on the conceptual design of your film project. From planning to technical implementation to post-production. Just contact us – we look forward to getting to know you!