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“Elbe in Concert” Hafengeburtstag

By 15. May 2024May 16th, 2024Event, Motion Design, Trailer

It is Europe’s largest floating stage – on a gigantic pontoon from the FAIRPLAY TOWAGE GROUP. Our creative approach to the content design for the superlative floating show “Elbe in Concert” picks up on the corporate identity of the city of Hamburg and the Hamburg Harbour Birthday. Lovingly animated maritime backgrounds and an intro trailer as a tribute to the harbour and its 835th anniversary. Hundreds of thousands of spectators at the Landungsbrücken and in front of the screens got into the right mood for the 50th birthday – the event was broadcast live on TV at prime time from 20:15.

The Elbe was transformed into a unique sea of colour, right at the Landungsbrücken, just 40 metres from the quay. With excerpts from the Disney world hits “The Lion King”, “The Ice Queen”, “Hercules” and other musicals, the Hamburg Goldkehlchen, Lukas Lindner and a live performance by the well-known band Scooter with frontman H.P. Baxxter ensured an unforgettable experience for the audience on site and in front of the screens at home.

Our post-production and production team did a great job again. But see for yourself – watch the “Elbe in Concert” recap trailer here!