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Hinterland of Things Conference

It is Germany’s most important and best-known startup conference: the “Hinterland of Things” in Bielefeld. We have been responsible for the show design for the main stage and the side stages since 2020 and contribute designs for the design of the screens and for social media for advertising in the run-up to the event. Our creative playground: a 30 meter LED wall on the Conference Stage in the Bielefeld Ringlokschuppen! Ideal conditions for a show design with the perfect look & feel!

The task

The creation of a show design for the 30 meter LED wall of the main stage and the two side stages, which gives the conference a distinctive appearance – for years to come. Our recipe for this: 3D animation, isometrics, a special color spectrum and a special customer relationship based on a high level of trust that gives us plenty of creative freedom.

The Execution

The 3D content animated and designed by us is played out on the high-resolution LED wall on the main stage using a disguise media server. We also provide animated content for the Masterclass and Founders Stages, contribute print designs for the exhibition walls and created the intro trailer. We covered the event itself with three cameras, published three recap trailers “live” on social media throughout the day, conducted interviews and delivered the finished overall recap trailer just two days after the event.


Conference: Hinterland of Things
Client: Founders Foundation
Production: AUSSENBORDER Filmproduktion
Creative Producer: Martin Kahl

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