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Oetinger “Do you hear the trees speak? “Book trailer

By 15. December 2017November 12th, 2019book trailer, Buchtrailer, Uncategorized, Unkategorisiert

The author and forester Peter Wohlleben not only lives his passion for forests, but shares it through guided forest tours – and also in his books. His latest book, “Do you hear the trees talking?” – is aimed at very young readers. The passionate forester answers many exciting questions about the forest. But he also inspires his readers with experiments to try out for themselves.

We have now produced a book trailer for the book published by Oetinger. We accompany the forester on one of his guided tours through the forest. With exciting pictures and a 3D animation of the lovingly designed book, we give the viewer an insight into the work of Peter Wohlleben – and whet their appetite for more.