The task

Steffen Henssler is always at full power – of course also in his new live show “Henssler Tischt auf…!”. Here, the audience experiences the TV chef preparing very special dishes up close and personal and is entertained with funny, interesting and also weird stories from his fast-paced life. And that’s exactly how the audiovisual concept should be designed: courageous, massive, with a lot of “wham” behind it…


In order to underline the Rock ‘n’ Roll character of the show and to take up it visually, the concept is based on the elements fire, metal and everything that belongs to the Rock ‘n’ Roll theme (amps, chains, audio cables etc.). The background is a slightly curved steel or box grid with calmly blazing flames, in front of which any content (live image, single player, recipe visuals, etc.) can be played live. In addition to a brilliant intro incl. falling Kabuki, we animated eight different recipe visuals, a countdown in which Steffen cooks against time, interactive quiz animations and various other content for and during the break.


Client: Steffen Henssler
Agency: MTS Live GmbH
Production Company: AUSSENBORDER Filmproduktion GmbH
Concept / Director: Martin Kahl
Motion Design: Daniel Menapace
Sounddesign: Martin Kahl
50 Spielorte in Deutschland und Österreich

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