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What’s the topic?

As a postproduction company from Hamburg, we design, edit, grade and animate a wide variety of film formats. This includes short films, commercials, explainer videos, product animations or event visuals for analog or digital events. You supply us with the material and we ensure that the film reaches your target group in the best possible way – including gripping sound design.

video production Hamburg

Retouch and mastering

Often, with the right editing, additional animations and detailed retouching, the shot images only achieve the desired “wow effect”. As experts in film editing, motion design, color grading, mastering and sound design, we help you get the most out of the final product. Fast, reliable, creative and efficient.

video production Hamburg

How expensive is that?

Depending on whether it is film editing, color grading, retouching, mastering of the sound, sound design or the insertion of animations, the expenses differ. Depending on the length of the movie and the level of detail of the retouching and animation, great results can be achieved. Feel free to contact us and we will make you a suitable offer!

Styles for animated movies

Examples and references

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Postproduction Hamburg

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Individual and unique

Depending on your requirements, we as Postproduction Hamburg will develop the appropriate style together with you, for example as 2D or 3D animation, in isometric style, with or without real image content or as a very simple scribble. This gives your motion graphics video its very own, unmistakable character in your corporate design. There are no limits to shapes, colors and design here.