Learning contents

Movies consist of several sequences, sequences consist of several settings. We look at how to plan and shoot coherent sequences with different settings. Welche Einstellungsmöglichkeiten habe ich? What accessories may I need for this? What can I pay attention to so that I will have it easier on average afterwards? Und was meint er mit “Kontinuität”?


How is a film made? We consider:

  • Sequences
  • Setting options
  • Planning of sequences
  • Statement and meaning of attitudes
  • Camera stage
  • Continuity / Picture jumps / Establisher
  • axle jumps
  • Spatial orientation / sequences of action
  • Tips that make the editing easier later
  • Suspense

Key data

Target group: beginners to advanced learners
playing time: 35 minutes
Tutor: Martin Kahl

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