The task

No preliminary round, no final – the German national team knows this, too, as they will meet the teams from Mexico, Sweden and South Korea in the 2018 World Cup group phase. But it shouldn’t fail because of the preparation. The Elbphilharmonie’s team of experts had the brilliant idea of contributing a musical analysis of the opponent that Jogis Elf had never heard before.


In the big hall of the Elbphilharmonie, partly at night sleeping time (because the hall is almost always booked) we shot the appropriate analyses for every match – as long as the German national team just stayed in the tournament (as we all know, unfortunately not too long). On the other hand, organist Thomas Cornelius on the organ and commentator Clemens Matuschek on the microphone were in top form. But see for yourself…


Client: Elbphilharmonie / Hamburg Musik gGmbH
DoP: Martin Kahl
Sounddesign: Martin Kahl

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