The task

You probably know them too – Hamburg’s blue tugboats! They ensure that the ships that call at Hamburg every day arrive safely in the harbour! The Fairplay Towage Group is one of the last German companies that still trains traditional sailors and was looking for a partner to produce a recruitment film – and they were immediately impressed by our concept.


On behalf of the Fairplay Towage Group, we conceived, shot and edited a recruitment film that puts the traditional company and its employees centre stage. Was motiviert sie? What does it mean to pull a huge “barge” into the harbour with a small tugboat? The film was shown live in front of an audience of millions during the Hamburg harbour birthday show “Elbe in Concert” in absolute prime time – and it has been a hit on the Internet ever since! The content for the big “Elbe in Concert” show also comes from our pen – more here!


Production Company: AUSSENBORDER Filmproduktion GmbH
Languages: DE, ENG

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