The task

HUMAN Diagnostics is a global player in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of laboratory products for in-vitro diagnostics. The image film was intended in particular to highlight the three most important elements of the corporate culture: the special service, the high quality of the products and the unique culture of partnership with the international distributors.


The three pillars of the HUMAN give the film a basic structure and form the red thread of the image film. In addition, there are a number of other aspects, such as the production in Magdeburg or the special logistical tasks of the company. Last but not least, the values of HUMAN become clear through the integration of international images from the areas in which the products are used. The result is a well-rounded picture of the company with a very international aura.


Client: HUMAN Gesellschaft für Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH
Production: AUSSENBORDER Filmproduktion GmbH
Director: Martin Kahl
DoP: Gordon Volk
Light, Grip: Christian Callsen
Postproduction: Nicolai Priller
Languages: ENG, ESP, FRA

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