The task

It will officially go into service at the end of next year: the new ICE 4 offers state-of-the-art travel comfort, innovative technology and is even more environmentally friendly. The new generation of trains forms the backbone of the long-distance transport concept with which DB is expanding its range of services by 25 percent by 2030. What is new – especially from the perspective of the passengers – should be presented in an attractive way in a launch film for the press conference for the presentation of the new train.


The film consists of high-quality 4K real-life shots, mainly from inside the train and animated info flags tracked into the picture, each of which highlights the new features of the train. The result was an image film for Deutsche Bahn that presents the new features of the ICE 4 in an attractive and informative way. The film was shown at the press conference for the presentation of the new ICE 4 in Berlin; it is also available to the media and the interested public on Deutsche Bahn’s specially set up ICE 4 center page.


Client: Deutsche Bahn AG
Agency: TERRITORY Content to results GmbH
Director, DoP: Martin Kahl
Edit: Martin Kahl
Light & Grip: Peter Assmann

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