The task

“Do you hear the trees speak?” – Peter Wohlleben’s new book introduces children to the forest and let them see life in the forest with completely different eyes. In “Sommerby” Kirsten Boie tells a touching story of twelve-year-old Martha and her younger brothers Mats and Mikkel, who spend their holidays with their grandmother in the countryside and get to know country life in a completely new way. A book trailer was to be designed and implemented for both new publications.


For Peter Wohlleben’s new publication, AUSSENBORDER developed a book trailer that portrays the author and takes up children’s questions: Do trees have their own language? Do tree-children have to go to school? For one day we filmed with the author and a school class in the Eifel; furthermore we accompanied Peter Wohlleben during a forest tour and shot impressive aerial photos of the Hümmeler forest with our drone. We accompanied Kirsten Boie to the Schlei, her second home, whose nature also inspired her for the book.


Client: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger GmbH
Production: AUSSENBORDER Filmproduktion GmbH
Director, DoP, Editor: Martin Kahl

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