Two festival days, a main stage over 100 meters wide, 5 expo stages and content for the Hamburg TV tower – our post-production team worked days and nights to make the OMR Festival’s trade fair appearance perfect! Over 70,000 visitors flocked to the Hamburg exhibition grounds to see who Philipp Westermeyer and his OMR gang had brought to Hamburg again – during the festival days, Hamburg is regularly upside down!

We at AUSSENBORDER have been responsible for the festival’s audiovisual content since the OMR was founded. A gigantic challenge for us: creation and design for the Conference Stage, which has now grown to over 100 meters in width, as well as 5 Expo Stages incl. Production & coordination with the OMR design team, animation & rendering, design and / or shooting of the intro trailer for the conference stage – our computers and wires run hot regularly from January to May…

We’re proud to have been OMR’s content partner for over a decade now, and we’re always looking to raise the level a little further each year.

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