The task

At Spryker EXCITE in Berlin, leading e-commerce companies will present their insights, projects and future visions for delivering world-class digital commerce experiences. With a successful mix of inspiration, information and entertainment, the e-commerce event of the year has now established itself as THE industry event of the year. The conference is held annually. A motion design agency was sought to take the event to the next level. And so oure phone rang…


We designed the 2020 event from scratch and the client gave us a completely free hand to do so. As a central element for the 3D animations we used the Spryker “Tile”, a tile that stands for software modules developed by Spryker. Countdown, intro trailer, a 3D-animated mascot “Oskar”, speaker teasers and incredibly lovingly animated pause loops with the smallest details are the result. Like last year, we shot extensive footage during the event and edited several short recap trailers “live on location” throughout the day, which we posted on Instagram, Linked and Facebook throughout the event. We are already looking forward to 2023!


Spryker Systems GmbH
Production Company: AUSSENBORDER Filmproduktion GmbH
Languages: DE, ENG

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