3D animation

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Why 3D?

3D animations are perfectly suited for the photorealistic presentation of products. They are based on CAD data, which enable an exact representation of the product in virtual space. Once the object is available in the virtual space, there are almost unlimited possibilities for lighting, camera settings and movements as well as in the movement of the product itself.

The advantages!

Products can already be visualized, although they only exist “on paper” or as prototypes. Depending on the level of detail, they can be depicted photorealistically, so that they can hardly be distinguished from a real turned object. At the same time, a 3D animation can offer many more possibilities for camera angles and camera movements than a real filmed object.

Aussenborder Aniamtion 3D

How expensive is that?

Compared to a 2D animation the effort in 3D is higher. Modelling, rigging and especially rendering take more time. In addition, 3D requires a lot of computing power, which places higher demands on the hardware. But the effort is worth it: in 3D there is hardly anything that cannot be done! That’s why this area is also growing rapidly in our company and is enjoying ever-increasing demand.

Examples of 3D animations

Hamburg Motiondesign Animation

Arvato Systems “platbricks”

motion design agentur hamburg

Hinterland of Things Conference

3d motion graphics hamburg

Baker Hughes Inspection Technologies

videoproduction filmproduction hamburg

IWO “Öl weiter denken”

Use of CAD data

Often companies develop products in 3D programs such as Solidworks, Inventor or Autocad. This 3D data is the basis for the visualization and allows us to display your product exactly as it is planned or already exists. The prerequisite for this is an export of the data in a format suitable for us. Before receiving the data, we will gladly sign a confidentiality agreement.