Concept & Creation

The target group

A stunning movie is only as good as its concept, the story, the central theme. The target group basically determines the direction of the film. What interests the people you want to reach? What preferences do they have? In which media and on which platforms do they communicate? Once these questions have been clarified, your message can be put in the best possible form.

Animation 3D 2D

The concept

Whether image movie, corporate story, animated or shot product film, explainer movie or stunning motion design for your trade fair or company event – a concept can be realised in a variety of ways. We offer a wide range of formats and will discuss with you which type of video is best suited to your communication strategy and the budget of your target group.

Aussenborder Aniamtion 3D

The story

Content marketing with a journalistic approach, promotional product video or explanatory film in simple language – how and whether you tell a story at all depends on the format. Nevertheless, every film needs a “red thread” in terms of content. As creative people, we will gladly come up with something special for you. We look forward to your briefing!

The production process


Your inquiry starts with an initial basic idea and a communication goal. The first briefing can be vague – we will obtain the necessary information from you.

Concept / StoryBoard

After a concept phase, we make concrete suggestions for implementation in the form of a strategy concept, treatments or storyboard, which we coordinate with you.

PreProduction / Preparation

We inspect the shooting locations, make arrangements with all parties involved for the shooting days and create a shooting schedule; for animated films a timing with all relevant coordination phases.


We carry out the shooting according to the shooting schedule. For animated films this is the animation phase – we work on a first preview based on the StoryBoard.


The filmed footage is edited, set to music and off-speaker depending on the concept, color corrected and, if necessary, enriched with animations.

Playout / Distribution

After the film has been finally agreed with you, the playout for the various platforms and channels begins. We are also happy to support you with the distribution.

We know how exciting storytelling works and how to inspire your target group with your video. Your success is our motivation. And that’s why every film is as unique as the story behind your product or your company. We put maximum passion and heart and soul into all our projects. And we are only happy and satisfied when you are.