Creation & Storytelling

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What’s the topic?

Whether image movie, corporate story, product film or stunning motion design for events – the starting point for all audiovisual content is a suitable approach and a gripping concept for the message, the target group and the various distribution channels. This can be a purely visual concept with or without letterings, but also an off-text for an explainer movie or image film.

That’s the point!

A stunning movie is only as good as its concept, the story, the central theme. The target group and the message basically determine the direction of the film – but special film techniques can also be incorporated in the concept phase to achieve special effects. We create concept proposals after we have consulted with the client for all necessary briefing information.

Aussenborder Aniamtion 3D

How does it work?

In the beginning there is the inquiry, a first basic idea, a communication goal. The first customer briefing can be very concrete but also vague. As soon as all the necessary information is available, we make one or more concrete proposals for implementation after a concept phase. This is then discussed with the customer – and off we go with the shooting or animation!