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Why animated movies?

As a motion design agency in Hamburg, we conceive and animate explainer movies, commercials, product animations and event visuals. Whether in 2D or 3D – there are many possibilities to implement your brand and theme in a way that suits your target group. All animation films are individually adapted to your corporate design. Complex content can thus be presented in a simple and understandable way.

The advantages!

Explanatory videos in combination with vector-based illustrations can be adjusted in the level of detail and thus offer great flexibility in implementation. With isometric forms of representation, you can work in the third dimension – right up to fully 3D animated films. 3D animation is also the tool of choice when it comes to the photorealistic representation of a product, for example.

Aussenborder Aniamtion 3D

How expensive is that?

In contrast to 3D animation, 2D animated videos have much shorter render times. Therefore 2D motion design is priced lower than more complex 3D motion graphics. Project cycles are leaner, efforts are lower. Depending on the desired length and the level of detail of the illustrations or animations, great results can be achieved with both variants.

Examples of animated films

Hamburg Motiondesign Animation

Arvato Systems “platbricks”

motion design agentur hamburg

Hinterland of Things Conference




Institute of Heat and Oil Technology


combine Consulting


Porsche “Speed Trial”

Motion Graphics Agency Hamburg

Akanoo Imagefilm

STADAvita Infomercial for „Magnetrans”

Motion Design Styles

Depending on your requirements, we as a Motion Design Agency Hamburg will develop the appropriate style together with you, for example as 2D or 3D animation, in isometric style, with or without real image component or as a very simple scribble. This way your motion graphics video gets its own, unmistakable character in your corporate design. There are no limits to shapes, colours and design.