Motion design

Why motion design?

The advantages!

How expensive is that?

Motion design or 2D animation refers to the cinematic presentation of short stories using illustrations. These can be explanatory films, product videos or event visuals. Since these films generally make little use of the third dimension, they can be illustrated and animated efficiently. In this way, complex content can be presented in a simple and clear way that suits the target group.

Motion design in combination with vector-based illustrations can be adjusted in the level of detail and thus offer great flexibility in implementation. You can also work in the third dimension with isometric variants of motion design styles. But there are limits here. However, 3D animation may suit better when it comes to photo-realistic visualizations, e.g. in the form of a 3D animation. of a product.

In contrast to 3D animation, render times are significantly shorter for 2D animated videos. Thus 2D motion design is priced lower than the more complex 3D version. Project cycles are leaner, expenses are lower. Depending on the desired length and level of detail of the illustrations, great results can be achieved even with a tight time horizon.

Examples for motion design




Institute of Heat and Oil Technology


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Porsche “Speed Trial”

Akanoo videoproduktion filmproduktion hamburg

Akanoo Imagefilm

STADAvita Infomercial for „Magnetrans”

Explainer movie: HAW “PLEEC”

Motion Design Hamburg

STADA “HEDRIN Once” infomercial