Production & Shooting

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Why film shoot?

Because film is above all one thing: authentic. But the camera not only captures emotions, it also generates them. With a gripping story and impressive pictures. No matter whether you want to present your company, an issue or a special event: with real-life shots the viewer is always very close. From the ground, with aerial shotsor in a livestream, we shoot any kind of real-image content.

The advantages!

With our technical equipment and our know-how we are able to implement a variety of real image concepts. Because we can serve all positions in-house, we are flexible and agile in the implementation. Our technical stock includes extensive camera, lighting, grip, sound and livestream equipment. Thus we are always prepared for all eventualities and can also respond spontaneously to customer requests.

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How expensive is that?

We usually calculate the effort for real shooting on a daily basis. Therefore, these can usually be estimated well in advance. This applies to personnel costs as well as to equipment rental and logistics. Concept and organisation costs are charged separately. Also travel and accommodation costs and the subsequent postproduction. Just ask us personally!

Examples for shootings

Lindemann Imagefilm

Videoagentur Hamburg

Tesa SE


A.V.E. Imagefilm

Deutsche Bahn Imagefilm

Deutsche Bahn AG

Miele “Kitchen Experience”

Bondex videoproduktion filmproduktion hamburg

Bondex “Garden Colors”

Porsche “Lego”

TAAS GmbH Imagefilm

Behind the Scenes