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Our online training course for companies

Film production Video production Hamburg

Camera & Production

What are the main factors and settings on my video camera and/or DSLR? What controls aperture, ISO, white balance, shutter & Co? Which camera models are suitable for which applications? Which equipment is suitable for which production? How do I plan a video production?

Filmproduktion Hamburg

Genres & Storytelling

Everyone talks about “Visual storytelling”. But how do I approach a video contribution, an interview, a corporate story or an image film? What formats are there anyway? How do I find an exciting topic, how do I create a shooting schedule, what is the difference between “Treatment” and “StoryBoard” and what should I look for when I shoot my first sequences?


Editing & Animation

How do I create my first editing project in Premiere and how do I structure it? How does After Effects work and what do layers, masks, and color surfaces mean? What are keyframes and how do I create an animated belly band, an intro or an animated graphic? We will explain the basics of film editing and help you get started in the world of animation.

At a glance

The target group

Beginners and advanced students seeking a sound and practical introduction to the world of film

The learning concept

Online training with live sessions via zoom with active feedback channel and interactive integration of the participants

Accompanying materials

After each live session you will receive a clearly arranged PDF with the learned contents

Time required & scope

The course comprises 8 one-hour units. On request, we can also hold the course as a face-to-face one-day seminar at our agency


A camera with video function or a video camera. This is how you can directly participate with your equipment

Tickets / Costs

975 Euro for companies with up to 5 participants and 175 Euro for individual participants and private users

Example tutorials

VJ Academy Hamburg

01. Camera Basics

VJ Academy Hamburg

02. Angles & Sequences

VJ Academy Hamburg

03. Edit: first steps

Behind the Scenes

Your trainers

Martin Kahl AUSSENBORDER Filmproduktion

Martin Kahl

Founder / Head of Production

Martin is owner & creative head of AUSSENBORDER and contact person for all inquiries. As a creative producer he takes care of all projects, creates concepts, directs shootings and is behind the camera.

Motiondesign Agentur Hamburg

Simeon Walz

Motion Design / Animation

Simeon takes care of 3D animations, motion graphics as well as product and explainer movies. What he likes best: 3D character design! He also puts the finishing touches to the shot footage of our production department.